"I Can" - Taekwondo for Little Tigers

Ahn's Taekwondo Lawrenceville

Program Overview

The Little Tigers program at Ahn’s Taekwondo is specially developed for our youngest students aged 3.5-6 years old. This important stage of their life is when they build the foundation of their temperament, personality, and character. Young children’s natural wonder and curiosity leads them to explore and try new things; our Taekwondo program provides both appropriate boundaries and the encouragement they need to succeed!

At this stage in their Taekwondo training, experienced instructors will assist Little Tiger students in using various tools and equipment (like cones, obstacles, targets, and more) so they can begin to understand the fundamental principles of movement: the body’s center and how to balance.

Ahn's Taekwondo Lawrenceville

Our Curriculumn

Our exciting curriculum includes basic motions, kicking, breaking, and forms to develop their gross motor skills, build physical strength, and provide a positive experience to maintain good exercise habits for life. Furthermore, by learning and practicing the techniques and following our school rules, children will learn and practice virtues such as courtesy, respect, self-control, courage, and confidence.

There is a Korean proverb that says “habits of a three-year-old will go ‘til eighty.” All children can build good habits, but due to the over-kindness of adults doing things for them, sometimes those habits might not stick. Ahn’s Taekwondo’s Little Tigers program aims to teach the habit of self-learning so our youngest students can keep it for a lifetime!

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