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Program Overview

Our kids’ martial arts programs can help form a firm foundation in the development of your child(ren)’s characters. By joining our school, your child(ren) will learn skills that will help throughout life by teaching them life skills at an early age, The principles of taekwondo will help promote self-control, confidence, discipline, focus, concentration, and determination.

Ahn’s Taekwondo experience will be more than just exercise and getting into shape, more than just kicking, punching, and fighting. The essence of taekwondo will stay with them and guide them as the children reach their tough teen age years. Furthermore, by setting and achieving goals with our program, the transition into their adolescent years will be smoother than what you expected.

Come and give our program a try and see how your child(ren) can grow into a responsible, disciplined person while having fun!!

Ahn's Taekwondo Lawrenceville


Each skill taught has a unique benefit for the student:

  • Basic Motions: understanding the body’s center
  • Poomsae (forms): symmetry, focus, and balance
  • Kicking: agility and flexibility
  • Breaking: confidence and goal-setting
  • Sparring: judgement of distance and timing, the ability to read another person’s intentions
  • Self Defense: initiative, turning around a bad situation
Ahn's Taekwondo Lawrenceville

Character Development

Additionally, through physical training, the students learn the spirit of Taekwondo: patience, self-control, courage, passion, teamwork, confidence, and indomitable spirit.

Character is developed through a person’s habits. Through learning, practicing, and repeating good habits, students in the Children’s Program at Ahn’s Taekwondo are encouraged to grow into leaders and role models at home, school, and in society.

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